neoV1470 Laser System

The neoV1470 is a superb microsurgical instrument for endovenous laser ablation of veins, as well as for incision and excision of soft tissue in critical areas. The peak of water absorption at 1470nm enables precise cutting with good coagulation of soft tissue. As a result of this unique tissue absorption, procedures can be completed at lower energy dosages leading to less thermal trauma and better healing.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Large high-brightness color touch screen
  • Plug and play fiber connection
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Rapid setup with surgeon presets

We offer 2 different versions of fibers – Corona 360 and Corona 360 Slim

Optimal wavelength is coupled with optimal energy delivery when using our Corona 360 regular and slim optical fibers – the highest quality circular emission fibers. All fibers are provided with full procedural kits with the latest advances in endovascular technology.

Key Benefits:

  • Circular emission technology
  • Improved angle of emission
  • Reduced number of procedural steps
  • Very safe and smooth insertion


Surgical Precision The neoV1470 produces energy at 1470nm, a unique wavelength, having a peak of water absorption in soft tissue. Accordingly, energy turns into heat immediately on the tissue surface, for precise ablation and cutting.
Up to 10 Watts of Power The neoV1470 provides up to 10Watts of 1470nm energy from the fiber tip. Combined with the high absorption in soft tissue, the neoV1470 is a powerful cutting and coagulation instrument for multiple procedures.
Unique Design The neoV1470 laser system is the only system on the market to house a 10Watt fiber output power in such a small, lightweight and portable configuration, leveraging proprietary cooling technology. With its superb craftsmanship, the neoV1470 represents the next generation of laser design excellence.
Top Notch Quality All components comprising the neoV1470 are of superb quality, from the full aluminum housing, to the heart of the unit – the laser diode.
Ease of Use The neoV1470 user interface, offering up to 99 presets, and equipped with special preprogrammed presets for EVLA treatments, offers a clear, simple end user interface.
Value The neoV1470, with its unique features and outstanding design, offers superb value for your surgical applications.

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