Viveve System 1.0 w/ Hand Piece

The most sought-after treatment for Intimate Health.

Viveve is a non-surgical radiofrequency treatment that rebuilds tissue. The Viveve Treatment works via a small probe that emits cryogen cooling to protect the tissue and radiofrequency waves to heat the tissue. This prompts the production of new collagen.

Clinically proven to improve lubrication, orgasm and arousal, providing a structural foundation for the urethra.

The Viveve System is a non-surgical radiofrequency treatment that rebuilds, tightens, and strengthens the urethra by substantially heating the tissue at depth.

Its patented, cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) is unique in its ability to deliver volumetric heat (90 J/cm2) in order to stimulate robust neocollagenesis.

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