Mosaic System

The Future of Cross-Linking

The Mosaic™ System allows patterned, precise, topography-guided Accelerated Cross-Linking in just minutes by increasing the UVA power and reducing the exposure time while maintaining the same total energy on the eye as standard cross-linking. This technology’s unique approach offers.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Programmable and customizable illumination patterns
  • Real-time eye tracking
  • Seamless integration with leading industry topographers
  • Significantly higher power output

Procedures performed with the Mosaic System include PiXL™, Lasik Xtra®, Accelerated Cross-Linking. These procedures have the potential to:

  • Enhance cataract surgery without surgical intervention
  • Provide non-surgical refractive correction
  • Restore biomechanical integrity
  • Treat pathology with methods unavailable in other devices
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