Pharma Mini 3 Piece Breathing System-10 Pack Patient Kits

Each purchase comes with 10 x breathing systems individually packaged for patient use

A >99.99% effective bacterial/viral filter to prevent the spread of infections.

The Bact-trap™ offers a high-efficiency protection system for treatments that require patients to remove their masks
• Protects the treatment provider from bacterial and viral contaminants.
• Allows access to facial areas that masks cover such as nasolabial folds, nose, cheeks, chin, and submental
• Easy set up and use
• Per patient use (patient keeps the device and reuses it for each appointment until the maximum hours of use has been achieved)
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Mode d'emploi

Mode d'emploi

• Single patient use.
Connect mouthpiece to the port opening.
Insert mouthpiece into patients’ mouth.
Instruct patient to breathe through their mouth into the filter
Use nose clip to seal patient’s nasal airway.
Can be used multiple times for the same patient over a period of 24 hours. A tracking chart is provided in each kit.
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