Mesoskin Mesotherapy System

The MesoSkin System combines microchip transdermal and electroporation technologies to promote permeability, rendering it a multifunctional transdermal and skin penetration device that can be used to deliver PRP to the scalp or face. The tip consists of an electrode and a microchip surface. There are two tips available one for face and one for hair. Both feature 25 micro-needles on the microchip and microchannels on the central 5 micro needles where the PRP will flow out of. Electroporation is conducted by the electrode plates. The difference is the spot size and the number of available channels. The face tip has a slightly larger spot size and microchip area thus allowing deeper penetration of the PRP for thicker areas of skin. The hair tip is slightly smaller and the microchip area is reduced to allow less deep penetration of the thin scalp tissue.

Demande de Démo