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Next Generation Facial & Neck Treatment

Sofwave, the latest technology to revitalize skin by addressing fine lines and wrinkles through the synthesis and stimulation of collagen production.
SUPERBTM technology with integrated cooling enables targeted treatment in the mid-dermis while sparing the epidermis and the underlying structures in and beneath the dermis.

Completely delegatable – Once trained, clinic personnel can administer the treatment.
Fast ROI – Quick return on investment with low cost of ownership.
Treats all patients – Suitable for all skin types.
High patient satisfaction – Non-invasive with no downtime and visible improvements in as little as one single treatment.
Fast treatment – A single treatment takes approximately 30 minutes

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Avantages clés

Avantages clés

How it Works

Sofwave’s low divergence multiple beam array is delivered via 7 cooled transducers directly coupled to the epidermis. This novel configuration is significantly better at precisely delivering energy to our target than an extracorporeal HIFU transducer. HIFU based technologies are physically challenged to deliver energy to 1.5mm depth without high levels of patient discomfort and potential risk of epidermal injury.

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