Smoke Shark Evacuator

A modern, light-weight, compact design allowing for simplified use, storage and stack-ability

The SF35 Extended-Life Filter offers up to 35 hours of performance reducing procedure cost when used at the lowest setting.

The ultra-quiet design offers the same excellent performance with less noise.

99.999% Efficient Particulate Capture

Each Bovie Smoke Shark II Package includes:
1x Bovie Smoke Shark II Unit
1 x Pneumatic Footswitch
1 x Bovie Smoke Shark II filter (35 hours)
1 x Bovie Sterile Vaccum Hose
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Avantages clés

Avantages clés

• Easy To Operate
• Quiet And Effective Smoke Evacuation
• Long-life 35-hour Filter
• Low Cost Per Procedure
• Excellent Particle Capture

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