Système EvokeDx, VEP + ERG

EvokeDx® is the NextGen VEP+ERG instrument developed by Konan Medical and leading scientists in visual electrophysiology.
Its compact, all-in-one form factor features numerous market leading technologies including patented test conditions called isolated check visual evoked potentials (icVEP™) and powerful Fourier Analytics.
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Avantages clés

Avantages clés

Clinical Benefits

Visual Evoked Potentials (VEPs) provide objective, quantitative information about the functional integrity of discreet visual pathways in a noninvasive manner. 
This is new information that is complementary to the structural analysis obtained from technologies such as OCT and Fundus photography, and augments subjective information from standard visual acuity and perimetry.
Electroretinograms (ERGs) reflect the integrity of the optics, photoreceptors, bipolar cells and retinal ganglion cells. Clinically, ERGs may be useful when patients have abnormal VEPs to differentiate between retinal dysfunction and dysfunction occurring in the optic nerve, optic radiations and occipital cortex.

Key Features

• Portable, cutting-edge technology with a small footprint and competitive pricing
• Low cost electrodes save thousands in annual operating costs
• Dual channel, integrated amplifier enables bilateral ERGs, cutting test time in half
• Organic LED stimulus display eliminates undesired luminance artifacts found in LCD and LED displays
• Integrated OLED display calibration precisely maintains contrast and luminance values over time
• Online features include real-time remote support and automatic software updates

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