E-Drop C40

The E-Drop C40 kit provides a quick, safe and effective method of producing an approximate 194 day supply of eyedrops*

*Based on an estimated 72mL of PRP (undiluted) and 12 drops per day regimen

Each ‘”Single” E-Drop Kit Contains:

1x COLC40 (40 x 1.45mL Aliquot String)
6x 22mL Tropocell PRP Tube
1x Alcohol Swab
1x Tourniquet
1x Sharp needle with filter hub
1x 10cc Syringe only, luer lock tip
1x Vacutainer
1x Aspiration Needle
1x Freezer box (for Aliquots)

* Every 5 Pack Kit Purchased Includes 25 Patient Brochures and you save 15% buying in multiples of 5*

Special order - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

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