ColorDx CCT-HD is the state-of-the-art device for assessing color vision deficiencies in high-definition.

Contemporary eye care includes qualitative and quantitative assessment of this important measure of visual pathway function.

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Avantages clés

Avantages clés

ColorDx CCT-HD is designed to detect abnormalities and characterize the contrast sensitivity of the color mechanisms of the human visual system using a highly granular, cone-isolation contrast sensitivity technique.

Blue (S-scone) defects may be the most common acquired loss of chromatic discrimination.“Acquired CV defects, however, are estimated to be present in 15% of the general populationregardless of sex. Over 300 medications and disease processes are associated with inducing
CV disturbances”1. This important but often overlooked clinical sign may be caused by retinal, optic nerve, or neurological disorders, in addition to cataracts and high-risk meds, as well as hundreds of common drugs and substances2.

Key Features:
• Cone-Isolation methodology
• “Landolt C” based test
• Simple to use 4-button
response pad
• Robust thresholding and
standard error
• Konan custom-calibrated
IPS display technology
• Rapid, intuitive, staged
• Expanded low-contrast
range testing
• High fidelity conecontrast
• Expansive illustrated reporting
• Auto trends analysis
• Contrast Sensitivity (achromatic) with auto AUC calculation
• Landolt C high contrast acuity
• CPT Code 92283

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