INTRAcel Demo System

INTRAcel Multi Layer Therapy allows precise and independent control of RF energy delivery, depth and thermal zone in any layer of the skin. Physicians can finely tune treatments by selecting and combining the ideal energy needed to achieve the best result.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

• Precisely delivers energy to the target area
• Consistent, predictable results
• Adjustable coagulation zone for accuracy and efficacy
• Controllable depth and intensity of treatment
• Active impedance feedback for optimal RF energy delivery
• Greater epidermal protection, reduced risk of PIH
• Minimal downtime for a high degree of patient satisfaction
• Safe on all skin types with minimal pain4 modes selection/combination for optimal outcomes


for the deeper layers
for the papillary dermis
(Superficial RF Rejuvenation)
for superficial treatments
for conjunction with topicals

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