Siberian Fit Model 3 110/60HZ

The SIBERIAN-FIT® is the real revolution in intense cooling system technology, adding all the benefits and indications related to cold therapy. Boasting sheer excellence in temporary epidermal analgesia, the SIBERIAN-FIT® is the perfect tool for physicians who demand the utmost in procedure comfort, safety and clinical efficacy
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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Intensive cooling technology with a minimum temperature of -30 °c
  • Economic and optimized for daily use
  • Friendly and easy to use interface
  • Integrated with the world’s most sold Brazilian laser platform
  • Guaranteed versatility: from lasers to injectables
  • Compact, super robust and efficiently designed

The SIBERIAN-FIT® prevents the occurrence of thermal burn injuries, guaranteeing the doctor and patient much more safety during treatment. In addition, the SIBERIAN-FIT® reduces treatment downtime, acting on inflammation and minimizing edema formation and intense recurrent erythema.

Within the area of temporary analgesia, the SIBERIAN-FIT® allows the extensive use of LASERs and IPLs to their maximum effectiveness, reducing treatment time and number of sessions. The SIBERIAN-FIT® ensures broad patient satisfaction with the procedure’s overall comfort and results.

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