11mL Cellenis PRP + Blood Draw Kits

The highest-performing PRP on the market today for patient satisfaction, Cellenis PRP is the choice of practitioners that want the best efficacy and results for their patients. Available in 2 sizes, the 11ml and 22ml tubes yield ~6ml and ~13ml of platelet-rich plasma, respectively.

Formerly sold as Eclipse PRP, Salient has teamed up with the manufacturer, Estar Medical, to offer the same PRP product at a significantly reduced price. Cellenis is the PRP brand that’s preferred throughout the world for its performance and patient results.

Each "Kit" Includes:
1x Cellenis PRP Tube + IFU
1x Alcohol Swab
1x Tourniquet
1x Sharp needle with filter hub
1x Syringe only, luer lock tip
1x Vacutainer
1x Aspiration Needle

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Directions for Use

Directions for Use


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